Monday, March 14, 2016

The Versatility of Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Modern Timber plantation shutters are intended for internal use. They are a replacement for blinds or curtains but are not robust enough to handle full external weather conditions. While it is not unusual to see householders attempting to use them externally, they rarely survive more than a couple of years. The ideal product for external use is powder coated aluminium shutters which have the strength and durability to handle full weathering.

An increasingly popular external window treatment option, aluminium plantation shutters can enhance a home with the timeless visual appeal of shutters built around the functional benefits of aluminium.

Aluminium shutters are low maintenance and can withstand even the harshest weather spells without peeling, warping, or fading.

They are highly resistant to damage from natural elements or human intervention. Aluminium shutters are a deterrent against trespassing and burglary while providing the traditional benefits of privacy and light control. These great qualities of aluminium shutters coupled with the huge range of colours, blade size and operating functions available make them a natural choice for outdoor applications.